Upward Basketball and Cheer Update

October 18, 2021


Hello Upwards Basketball Players and Cheerleaders!



Skills evaluations for Basketball and Cheer went well last week!  All divisions will have enough players to form 4 or more teams**.


We have room for more players!  Come join us, from K4 through 8th grade.  Sign up on the website, then call, text or e-mail to John Beach or Dan Salzwedel to schedule a skills evaluation.


If you have signed up, but have not been evaluated yet, then call, text or e-mail to John Beach or Dan Salzwedel to schedule a skills evaluation.


Each player must have a skills evaluation to enable us to build competitive teams.  


We hope and pray for continuing improvement in the Covid environment. 

At your Evaluation, please wear a mask and social distance as much as possible. 


**We need more 6-8 grade girls to make a 6-8 grade girls division. Ask your 6-8 grade girl friends to come join the league!



Š    We are continuing to monitor the Covid environment and presently believe we will have successful league.  If we have to cancel the league before November 1, all money paid for registration will be refunded.  This is easiest if players were registered online and paid with a credit card. 


Š    If infection rates remain at present levels when the games start in January, we may institute protocols to minimize chances of infection.  The protocols contemplated, but NOT  instituted yet are:

- Everyone wears a mask while playing, sitting on the bench or spectating (unless drinking from a water bottle). 

- All games will be one at a time, centered in the gym.

- Each team will include players from a maximum of 6 families.

- Each spectating family will be limited to 6 people (to improve social distancing).

- Balls will be disinfected at each period. 


Š    Some procedures will be flexible to accommodate variations in players’ particular needs and skills. We’ll continue to evaluate the Covid environment as we move forward.  


Š     TO REGISTER, follow the registration link found HERE: 




Š    If you have any comments or suggestions, please email, text, or call John Beach or Dan Salzwedel to share.  Thank you very much for your participation in the past.  We look forward to the blessing of your participation in the future. 


Š    For more Upward at Mountainside information, select this link:



John Beach

League Director

Upwards Basketball at Mountainside United Methodist Church

505-250-8046 (text/voice) 



Dan Salzwedel

Assistant League Director

505-321-2273   (text/voice)




It is with great sadness we report that Alina Holguin passed away June 27 due to a brain tumor. Alina was a dedicated cheerleading coach in our league last season. Her smiles and enthusiasm were infectious to our children and adults alike. We will miss her, and we invite your prayers for her family as they move forward. -John Beach

Click any of the items below to find out more:


We are so pleased to have you check out Upward Sports at Mountainside United Methodist Church.   Upward sports is an outreach program of the Church, and our goal is to give our young participants a Christian experience, filled with learning new skills, exercise, competition, fellowship, and more.   We offer a safe and encouraging atmosphere, and games where everyone participates equally.   If this is the kind of sports experience you seek for your young boy or girl, please select Registration from the navigation list above and get enrolled ASAP!   Enrollment begins June 1st every year.   We will strive to make this a wonderful experience for you and your child.

In 2014, we began increasing the number of full-court games and the number of Divisions.   Going to Full Court was a big step, providing a better game environment for our kids. However, it also reduced the number of games that can be played in the MAC concurrently from two to one.   This, combined with our continued growth each year means that both our people and facility will be extra-busy from now on.   In 2016 we began closing registrations in divisions that were full, and this is expected to happen earlier each year, as 200 players is about our maximum capacity.   You should register early, and come and join in the fun!

We also hope that you parents volunteer to become part of this program.   It takes a large number of adults to run a program of this size, and without volunteers, we can't offer the rewarding experiences that our kids need.   Click on Volunteers Needed above to learn more.

Contact us by e-MAIL to John Beach or Dr. Dan Salzwedel or Upward Sports or by phone at 505-250-8046 (John) or 505-321-2273 (Dan) for any questions you might have.

Note: Please “Like” us on Facebook.       


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